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REDDnet Science (Research Projects Using REDDnet)

  • AmericaView - Satellite remote sensing data and technologies in support of applied research, K-16 education, workforce development, and technology transfer.
  • CMS - Elementary Particle Physics at the CERN Large Hadron Collider.
  • Structural Biology - Image reconstruction of large macromolecular assemblies through a collaborative effort of Vanderbilt and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory researchers.
  • Retinopathy - Diabetic Eye Disease Screening in Peru and Bolivia

REDDnet Documentation

Online Documentation

  • Documentation for all aspects of REDDnet needs to be completed and added or linked to this wiki. Below is the list of what needs to be developed/Core institution and person assigned to do the task/Deadline
    • How to get started with L-Store/VU-person/March 31
    • How to get started with LoDN/UTK-person/March 31
    • L-Store/VU-person/March 31
    • LoDN/VU-person/March 31
    • IBP/VU-Alan/March 31
    • Standard IO/UTK-person/March 31
    • Data and Directory Services/VU-person/March 31

REDDnet RT Helpdesk

  • Request Tracker for REDDnet to be set up by April 30th by VU/Mat.

Past Documentation

  • The Vanderbilt/ACCRE Booth at SC06 will highlight REDDnet technology

Logistical Networking Software Development

Component Technologies and Partners

  • L-Store, the Logistical Storage project at ACCRE (Vanderbilt)
  • LoCI, the Logistical Networking and Internetworking Laboratory at the University of Tennessee
  • the UltraLight Project, an Ultrascale Information System for Data Intensive Research



Core Institutions

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Stephen F. Austin
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N. C. State
Vanderbilt Tennessee S. F. Austin ORNL Nevoa Networks N. C. State Delaware

Collaborating Host Institutions

São Paulo Rio de Janeiro Michigan Florida Fermilab Caltech

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AMPATH FIU Library of Congress SDSC Stanford UCSB

Survey for Collaborators/Application Community

  • The survey linked below has been developed to understand the needs of the application community so that obtainable expectations can be established between Core Institutions and Collaborators and any other members of the application community.


NSF.gif This work is supported by NSF Grant PHY-0619847 and by the Vanderbilt Center for the Americas