LoRS Instructions

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  1. Setting up LoRS
  2. Uploading/Downloading Files
  3. Other Commands

Setting up LoRS

  • Create a directory for running LoRS:
 $ mkdir lstore
  • Copy libxio-0.2.tar.gz and lors-0.82.1.tar.gz from an existing location
 $ cp ~/<directory path>/libxio-0.2.tar.gz <username>/lstore
 $ cp ~/<directory path>/lors-0.82.1.tar.gz <username>/lstore
  • Unzip the lors file with the following options:
    • -x (--extract, --get) extracts files from the archive
    • -v (--verbose) lists the processed files verbosely
    • -z (--ungzip) filters the files through gzip
    • -f (--file=ARCHIVE) uses the file named ARCHIVE
 $ tar -xvzf lors-0.82.1.tar.gz
  • For a complete option list, use:
 $ tar --help
  • Enter the new lors directory and open the README file:
 $ cd lors-0.82.1 ; ls
 $ cat README
  • OR open it in an editor like emacs:
 $ emacs README
  • Run a configure, make, make install process (as outlined in the README file). set "prefix" equal to your directory of choice: the default is a "local" directory in your PWD
 $ ./configure --prefix=$PWD/local   
 $ make
 $ make install
  • Add library to your PATH:
 $ setenv PATH "${PATH}:${HOME}/bin:/lstore/lors-0.82.1/local/lib"
  • Run the LoRS setup script:
 $ sh ./lors_setup.sh
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and wait patiently!