Protocol Standardization Efforts

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SUMMARY - Given the increasing number of logistical networking software components, the REDDnet community is actively seeking to establish a series of standard protocols that would ensure the interoperability between these components and the services they need and/or the clients they serve. Although the Internet Backplane Protocol is already documented, it is also under revision by members of the REDDnet community, some of whom are the original authors.

This diagram illustrates the different projects that need to inter-operate within the standards being developed here.

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  • TSSP is the higher-level spec including use of protocols/standards IBP and exMSP
  • REDDnet software is the set of implementations shown here

A minimum requirement is for the 3 main areas to interoperate

  • (but not initially among projects within each area)
  • ibp 1.4 compatibility
  • exMSP currently means
    • LoRS reads a base-exnode-schema (LoRS schema)
    • Lstcp reads a base-schema (or just IBP calls) from the L-Server

The data-management systems L-Store and LoDN currently have no additional interoperability.

The following is the list of protocols under deliberation/refinement: