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Some notes we made while developing the agenda

Goal: Develop a plan for REDDnet

The main goal of the REDDnet Tools and Applications Meeting is to develop a plan for deploying REDDnet, so that REDDnet user communities are able to quickly put it to productive use in the context of their own applications and their own research and education projects.

Elements of the plan

Schedule of deployment of background nodes

  • Where are they going?
  • How will they be manage?
  • Milestones required

Software release/availability

  • Bug reports
  • Milestones required

Application community testing

  • Engage with application communities through our PI's
  • Identify occasions for trials of infrastructure

User and application support

  • Gather requirements of application communities
  • FAQ
  • Documentation

Support for independent/campus deployments of LN storage infrastructure

  • REDDnet node cookbook
  • Wide area vs. more local uses

National and international network plans

  • Ampath
  • Ultralight
  • Phoebus