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Depot Network Milestones and Workplan

The following assumes that the version of the L-Store code used for SFASU demo at the USGS in early March (we will call it 0.8) is the current "release" version and that the next release version will be version 1.0 which will become available June 1.

  • need info on devel plan for libxio replacement...

Local VU development cluster - complete by March 15?

  • 10 ACCRE depots + 4 metadata servers - COMPLETED

Local VU test/resease deployment - to be completed by April 1

  • Hardware Deployed - roughly 50 TBytes
    • 2 systems in physics
    • 2 systems in Pheobe (1 Gig link to be determined - ITS does)
    • 2 depots piston lab in MRBIII (firewall issues not necessarily included)
    • 10 ACCRE depots + 2 metadata servers
  • Version 0.8 software in all cases...
    • master campus server installed
    • Phoebe lab server
    • physics lab server
    • Piston lab server
  • Each installed depot will be verified to be working properly
    • develop install verification test - do by hand if need be.
    • individual install verification using chicken feeder

April 1 - June 1... User testing of test deployment

  • stability testing under load - Clyde??? or use chicken feeder... (Bobby)
  • Engh CMS testing
  • Piston testing (McCaughey)
  • Phoebe testing
    • Saturating the medical network
    • need 1 Gig connection to Phoebe
    • use chicken feeder, extension of install verification test.
    • time indeterminant, set by ITS and medical
  • some coordination of use may be necessary so we don't get in each others way.
  • as external depots added, include those in tests
  • need to do test installs of the client by users on the major OSes.

May 1 - July 1... external deployments

  • total of 24 TBytes deployed externally, 75 TBytes in all
  • by remote PDUs and KVMs - takes 1 week
  • verify racks and rack mount issues are OK at remote sites.
  • goal: 2 sites a month for two months.
  • Potential Sites: (2 depots at each site)
    • ORNL
    • Michigan
    • FIU
    • Caltech - use our UltraLight connections
  • Swap out old hardware, bring back to ACCRE to add in to local depots or just toss.
  • install software prior to shipping, send someone out to bring up.
  • bring up master REDDnet server
  • all still using version 0.8 initially until rollout of version 1.0

Rollout version 1.0 of L-Store - complete on July 1

  • can do in a scheduled downtime - takes half an hour.
  • just need to do on server(s) which are local.
  • how do clients work here? people are going to have to upgrade their clients...

July 1 and beyond continue rolling out external sites, now with V1.0

  • sites and amounts TBD
  • we need to discuss this!

when is real release for all users? CMS for example...

  • need to decide!