REDDnet Deployment and Monitoring Working Group

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This task consists of:

  • deployment and system administration of the REDDnet hardware
  • interfacing with the networking partners (such as UltraLight or AMPATH)
  • monitoring and characterization/testing of REDDnet


  • need to develop a deployment schedule, should be relatively specific for near term work and obviously less so for far term work.
  • What are tasks, schedule?
  • How does SC06 fit into all of this?

Networking Partners

  • ???

REDDnet Monitoring/Characterization

  • What do we plan to do for monitoring and characterization? Need to write something down here...
  • How will we use MonaLisa?
  • what about Hunter's monitoring applications?
  • AMPATH work...

All Hands Meeting January 2008

SC06 Demonstration Project(s)

The official SC06 Demo wiki page

  • Work with UltraLight folks
  • Our own demo: both onsite and offsite
  • Work with SRM folks: SRM SC06 Demo

Ongoing Testing and Monitoring