REDDnet@SC08 planning meeting, 28May08

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Planning meeting for REDDnet participation in SC08 SC08--Austin, Texas

Theme: Data Logistics in action What is the goal of the booth? What impact do we want to have? Show REDDnet is delivering for the research community More funding (DOE, NSF, etc.) More application participation -- More resources International? Free/Loaner hardware from interested vendors, e.g. solid state storage Requirements: MOU’s for new participants: Core, contributed--Bobby List of visitors we want to attract--Mat NSF, DoE Specific Universities-- Pre-conference advertising--Mat Handouts, etc.--Mat How can that goal be implemented with limited staff time and primarily existing booth resources? What can we show? --a distributed storage network???

Multiple views 1. Data Logistic in Root-L – Dan, a. Multi-user b. Interactive 2. Multi-media/Gui – Hunter/Bobby 3. Phoebus/REDDnet – Martin/?? 4. Geospatial – PR/Dianna 5. Jian’s stuff: Terry 6. REDDnet activity LIVE -Bobby 7. Download speeds from N depots as N increases - ??? 8. TSI—John Blondin – UTK 9. Gimmick design and setup – Mat, Carie Lee Root - Dan LoRSview - UTK Perf Sonar—what will it show??? - Bobby LoRSview of L-Store - Bobby Status Page—SC specific - Bobby Fast multi-thread download -??? Crab? OSG?- Dan

What is the booth layout? Carie Lee Are we adding an aisle in front of the booth--yes How can we reuse existing fixtures? What new signage is require—standing REDDnet signage What hardware, fixtures and misc items are needed—3 tables and chairs? What network is required (deadline on 5/30)?

What does not exist that will be needed to meet this plan? Signage--Mat

How should we link to other booths? Terry Moore What is involved to do so? What does it mean to link to other booths? What personnel will work the booth and when? Plan for booth built-out with minimal Vanderbilt staff Better rotation of booth personnel to shorten staff time at SC08 Assumptions: 1. Infrastructure--Storage a. SDSC, Cal Tech, UCSB, ORNL—OSG, TG, UFL, Mich, VU, SFASU b. UTK, UC Davis?, NCState c. OSG sites—Wisconsin, TACC, what would we do? d. CERN?—Phoebus/Show? 2. Infrastructure—Computation a. VU, UFL, UTK, Fermi? – Paul/Dan b. OSG—Crab ? Paul/Dan c. Michigan—Atlas data Paul/Dan 3. Infrastructure—Software a. Interoperable depot—LoDN warming b. Web dav—Hunter’s depot--GUI video c. Native C driver—Hunter’s depot--GUI video d. Perf Sonar Bobby/Martin e. L-Store Warmer--shortened default allocation time--Santi f. NFU pipeline—viz?—Chris UTK i. viz? g. IBP pipelined client: Alan i. viz?