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Our standard depot is a 2U server with one 4-core Intel I7, 12 GB of RAM, two 1 Gb network ports, and 24 TB of storage space. The depots connect to the network via 10 Gb ethernet (preferred) or 1 Gb ethernet. The node uses an average of 250 Watts in regular usage, but in extreme instances may spike up to 350 Watts. Please let us know whether your site uses 110V or 220V power so we can make sure the appropriate power cables are included.

Click here to get information on the correct order for installing the depot hardware.

IP Addresses

We require two externally-visible IP address for each depot. One address is for the depot itself, the other is for the management console.

Network Ports on your Switch

We support three types of network connectivity for data traffic (in order of preference):

  • Preferably,the depot can connect via 10 Gb ethernet for those sites that can use it. This requires your primary switch to have a 10 Gb optical port and a fiber cable long enough to stretch between depot and switch. Please let us know what type of optics your switch requires, as well as if you need a connecting fiber cable.
  • At sites without 10 Gb support but which support link aggregation, we can use two 1 Gb ethernet cables bonded together in 802.3ad mode to get 2 Gb/sec performance. This requires a switch which supports 802.3ad bonding, and two switch ports and two ethernet cables per depot.
  • Otherwise, the depot will use one of its 1 Gb network ports (requires one switch port/cable per depot).

In addition, each depot has an ethernet port for the management console. The management consoles can connect directly to your primary network switch, or they can run off a smaller dumb switch to minimize the number of primary switch ports in use.

Required Network Ports

These ports should be opened on your perimeter firewall (or firewalls if you have both organizational and departmental firewalls).

  • Management interface:
Port Service Notes
tcp/22 ssh from all depots to
tcp/80 www from all depots to
tcp/443 https from all depots to
tcp/5120 and 5123 remote cd/floppy from all depots to
tcp/5900 and 5901 vnc from all depots to

  • Depot network interface:
Port Service Notes
tcp/22 ssh from all depots to and
tcp/5666 nagios from all depots to and
tcp/8080 tomcat from all depots to world
tcp/6714 ibp from all depots to world
tcp/4823 bwctl from all depots to world
tcp/861 owamp from all depots to world
udp/123 ntp allow outbound from local depots
udp/53 dns allow DNS to
udp/161 snmpv3 from all to and