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Proposed changes

Follow link for details

Development timeline

  • Existing protocol documentation (real soon)
  • Add web page for ACCRE IBP depot software and tools releases(real soon).
    • It's probably more suited to binary distribution since their is no autotool support yet.
    • ACCRE IBP Depot
    • ibp_perf - IBP server benchmarking tool. Benchmarks:
      • allocation creates / sec
      • allocation removals / sec
      • Upload performance (MB/s)
      • Download performance (MB/s)
      • Mixed upload/download performance. upload/download ratio is a user controlled parameter (MB/s)
      • User can specify depot, port, RID, number of simultaneous threads allocation count, upload/download count, and blocksize.
    • ibp_sperf - Benchmarks FIFO or depot-depot copy performance along a chain of depots.
      • Provides one way transfer rate
      • User controls number of simultaneous transfers and block sizes
      • The data path can also include the client(upload a file or dummy data) or just the depots(dummy data only).
      • depot-depot method: Uses 2 allocations/depot and uses IBP_copy() calls to frog jump the data down the path.
      • FIFO method: The end points of the path have a fixed size "normal" allocation as specified by the user. The intermediate depots use a single FIFO type allocation. The FIFO allocation size is controlled by the user. A single IBP_copy() command is used for each internal depot. This results in data tranfers > allocation size which is perfectly valid with FIFO allocations.
  • Re-implement C IBP client (4/1/08 - it's a longtime but I have to work around ACCRE downtime in mid-march)
  • 1st draft: Create minimal Linux/Mac StdIO/FUSE module using directory and data service API and protocol (6/1/08)
    • This will be a draft implementation which will probably be thrown out
    • How fast this gets done is really dependent on coming up with the minimal set needed for the directory+data services api and protocol. Also depends on Larry's time getting similar support into L-Store. Micah/Chris, what about LoDN supporting it also?
    • Minimal functionality: fopen, fclose, fread, fwrite, stat, fstat, lstat, truncate, fseek, ftell, rewind, fgetpos, fsetpos, opendir, closedir, readdir, and rewinddir. (Am I missing something?)
  • Create Asynchronous IBP client API - no protocol change, just add client side optimizations.
  • Minimal StdIO/FUSE module which supports Async IBP for improved performance