Nov 5, 2007

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  • Nov 5, 2007 -- 10:00ET/9:00CT/7:00PT
  • Call 510-665-5437
  • Meeting ID is 7333


  • Dan Engh and Paul Sheldon (Vanderbilt Physics)
  • PR Blackwell and Diana Gunter (SFASU)
  • Alan, Larry (Vanderbilt ACCRE)
  • Terry Moore (Tennessee)
  • John Cobb, Greg Pike (ORNL, TeraGrid)


  • Plans for SC
    • Meetings
      • TeraGrid (Terry)

Plan is to discuss the security plan. Application plans: Transfer data across the TeraGrid boundary to people not on the TeraGrid. Using TeraGrid's dedicated networking to provide data paths to people not on the TG. Transferring data to TG computational resources. Alan's FIFO demo should show this capability. Advanced overlay networking on the multiple HP networking infrastructures.

Dan needs to schedule a TG demo, so he needs a PKI certificate and an account. He probably won't be able to get on in a week though. We may have to use the Jimmy Neutron account. He'll need an account at SD and ORNL; Greg Pike can supply the latter and we'll ask Chris Jordan about the former.

What Dan want's to demonstrate is LN compatibility with GridFTP.

      • UltraLight (Paul)

Paul will look into the UltraLight meeting.

      • Southeast Tier 3 Analysis Interest Group (Dan)
      • FNAL Tier 2 and REDDnet (Dan???)
      • CMS Crab and REDDnet (Dan???)
      • ORNL Simulations
    • Demos
      • 3-D visualization (Terry/Jian)

Terry will send out mail about this today.

      • Status of the LN Viz tool? (Larry)

The viz works with test data; it will be tested with real data tomorrow. It shows aggregate bandwidth for transfers between all depots. It uses an extension to the IBP status command (ACCRE depot code only at this point?) to collect information from the depots and display it on the map. There's some network latency involved in sending the data back to the viz point, but it gives a near real time display.

    • Current State of Deployment
      • Where is the hardware?

People will be in Michigan, Florida, and California this week doing installs. ORNL depots will be powered on when Bobby returns from Mich tomorrow. Right now, they're only approved for demos, pending security arrangements for future.

      • What will functionality be?
    • State of ACCRE depot code
      • Alan is about finished with 3rd party copy. Working on ways to make them cut off cleanly. Plans to be ready for SC.