June 9-10, 2009; TG Tutorial Planning Meeting (VU)

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Slides still needed

  1. Security scheme --
    1. Current: Proxy allocations via LoDN/GridFTP produce audit trail of data uploads
    2. Future

Items needed on-site/available

  1. Version of LoDN Download client that can use LoRS if installed
  2. Hand outs for participants
    1. Slides (2 per page, front and back)
    2. Instruction sheets for steps in the Hands on phase


  1. Current schedule for tutorial
  2. Current version of the slides

"Mission Accomplished"

  1. We are scheduled to have 2 projectors and 2 screens. This means ...
    1. We need to make sure the room is configured so people can see both. Given the size of the room (60-Classroom set up)and the number of people registered (25 Max; all may not show/stay), this shouldn't be a problem.
    2. If we divide things into the "slide screen" (the screen where we're showing the ppt) and the "demo screen" (the screen where we're going to run the "hands-on" part of the tutorial), then we need to make sure we have those things well coordinated. For example, we should have a theory about what, if anything, is on the demo screen when there's no demo happening.
  2. After talking to Sandie Kappes, it seems that our plan for hand-outs -- slides of the presentation, perhaps instruction sheets -- should be sufficient. If there's anything else we want to give them, e.g. our "brochure", we could include that.