July 24, 2006

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  • Blackwell (SFA)
  • Hagewood (Nevoa)
  • Beck, Moore (UTK)
  • Brown, de Ledesma, Sheldon, Tackett (VU)
  • Swany (UDel/CERN)

Current Agenda

Application Communities:

HEP, Microscopy, Geospatial/Remote Sensing, PSI

  • Any response from the PIs about a August Board call?
    • Set for Aug 2 Weds at 10am central 11am eastern
  • Further news on engagement with Ultralight (Harvey, Shawn McKee)?
    • paul call shawn this afternoon

Deployment and Operations

  • Visit to Fermi (Paul)
    • Ruth et. al.
    • Lothar and the CMS folks
      • Lothar was interested in REDDnet and does want to try to take advantage of our project resources.
      • we need to start attending (Bobby, Surya, Paul) the bi-weekly WAWG meetings and reporting there. this is probably how we will get traction there, start to get our problems resolved. We also need to "propose" to them how we see this REDDnet/Fermilab collaboraiton going.
  • Deployment news (Bobby)?
  • Testing news (Surya)?
  • News from CERN (Martin)?
    • We can get a depot going and start doing simple bandwidth tests. This is the short term goal. Then we can think of adding hardware there.

Technology: Hardware, Software

  • Brief discussion of GloViz interface to Satellite data. Integration issues? (PR)
    • AmericaView group has adopted GloViz as its interface, but it just allows user to request data. Delivery is independent. Texasview has its own delivery system, and this is hwere IBP comes in. We use IBP as one option by taking the data off our servers and uploading to IBP, then deliver to client from there. We want to pre-stage data (several TB to REDDnet) and have it there already, so that GloVis becomes an xnode server and make it very easy for user to access. AmericaView is made up of geospatial scientists, not computer scientists and engineers, but PR has technical people at SFA who can do the initial work. Landsat data collected continuously, estimate that 100s of TB would be about right for now, although eventually it could reach PetaBytes. The data that would be uploaded would be archived at SFA and at ??? in Souix Falls. And there are other data sets as well... "MODIS" 1 TB/night raw data, could be reduced but still a lot of data. Can REDDnet help provide "real time" access to this data? Also, can we at some point offload some of the processing work to the depots?

Organization and Funding Opportunities

  • Report on the NDIIPP meeting -- Library of Congress (Terry)
    • Prospects for LC funding for collaboration on geospatial data
    • Progress on VTNA and LC collaboration over REDDnet
      • Originally Terry and Micah joined this project a year ago, there is a second round of funding going on now. Through their planning grant, they have been working with the folks at UCSB who have a Geospatial Data Archive (Larry Carver). We should try to find a way to serve data in this archive, in a similar fashion to what PR is doing (but also allow uploads). Original 8 partners are going to get baseline funding to continue their work. What we proposed with them is on top of that baseline funding. Should know about this in September.
      • Terry talked to person at LC (Jane Mandelbaum), they are currently shipping hard disks back and forth. Jane will see that a depot gets put up at the LC, but will also talk to Marshall Breeding at VU and try to get him motivated to talk to us. A generic depot needs to run linux and has some disk associated with it. Scott's description was good enough, but that is a low-end depot. What is a high end depot? Capricorn box? Alan will send the specs for that to give her some sense of what the range is.
  • Discussion with the NSF about an International Workshop (Paul)
    • Paul had a positive conversation with Miriam Heller about this, she suggests contacting Greg? in the Office of Cyber Infrastructure (OCI) who is their grid storage expert. Terry and Paul intend to send him an e-mail this week and request a phone meeting with him. In any case, she said they were funding workshops but didn't know anything about budgets at this point.

Events, Education, Outreach

  • OSG Consortium Meeting, Aug. 21-23, Seattle (UW)
  • Review of the agenda for trip to Sao Paulo. (Hunter)
    • Schedule with Sergio? (Thurs)

Action Items

  • Paul call Shawn today about participating on REDDnet board.
  • Paul send the slides he promised to send Terry