July 16, 2008

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REDDnet Collaboration Meeting


  • July 16, 2008 -- 11:00ET/10:00CT/8:00PT
  • Call 510-665-5437
  • Meeting ID is 7333


  • Santi, Alan, Matt (Vanderbilt ACCRE)
  • Diana and PR (SFASU)
  • Micah, Terry, and Chris (UTK)
  • Hunter (Nevoa)
  • John (ORNL)
  • Dan and Paul (from Fermilab, Vanderbilt Physics)


Heavy on Library of Congress Issues today, preparing or phone call with them tomorrow.

  • Status of FACIT-Globetrotter work (Santi, Chris)
    • Description of whats to be done - Globtrotter/REDDnet integration
      • very similar to what Glovis is doing...
      • Webstart app for LODN requires certificate - Santi is getting
      • Chris will incorporate into their cvs to others (such as PR) can get it
      • PR would like to detach discovery from download - this woudl be powerful and this sounds like a start...
      • Justin at UCSB is working on the cgi scripts to interact with webstart, once that works they are ready to go.
      • UTK does want to do some testing...
    • where are we on getting this done?
    • Phone call tomorrow with LoC, others
    • UCSB is going to load about 800 GBytes of data into REDDnet to make available via Globetrotter, then if that works they might add a second one from Stanford - these have already been packaged up ready for use by Globetrotter
  • Status of TVNA work
    • "l-sync" tool status (Matt)
    • What would LoC have to do to get this going?
  • Status of FACIT transfers
    • "VM Depot" status - for LoC Depot (Bobby, Matt)
    • have we found out about their depot requirements? (Bobby, Mat)
    • Can they use "l-sync"?
    • what do we want to ask tomorrow about these? (compile list of questions)
  • Status of work at SFASU (PR, Diane)
    • their asynchronous network issue seems to have fixed itself - routing from outside to SFASU was going via NLR, but traffic from SFASU out was going over commodity... but this is fixed.
    • they want to try to make REDDnet relevant to USGS under new model of making data available for free to everyone. wants to make REDDnet an alternate distribution method for this data.
  • Status of CERN depots
    • Hardware procurement status
    • best guess on when it will be ready to ship
    • hosting, power, etc., arrangements with CERN
    • installation plans
    • shipping plans
  • Status of CMS work
    • Crab/REDDnet integration
    • setting up REDDnet as a Storage Element (SE) for CMS - whats required, what we plan to do
    • Once integration complete, plans for "transparent" use by CMS
      • they routinely submit jobs
      • jobs will run and use REDDnet without user even knowing or requesting
      • once this happens we can tout to CMS software gurus
    • Plans for intentional use at Caltech, other places?
    • root plugin plans (get it distributed with standard root distribution)
  • Terascale Super Nova Status
  • Status of ORNL depots (Bobby, John)
    • still in a wait state on security policy (ORNL has to decide on security policy...)
  • PerfSONAR integration status (Bobby, Martin)
  • Evaluation of Jian's visualization stuff (Micah)