Jan 27, 2010

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REDDnet Collaboration Meeting


  • Jan 27, 2010 -- 16:00ET/15:00CT/13:00PT
  • (877) 416-7592
  • Code: 9171592


  • Alan, Mat, Matt, Santi, Swathi and Bobby (ACCRE)
  • Micah, Terry, Chris, Stephen (UTK)
  • Dan and Paul (Vanderbilt)
  • Jim and John (ORNL)



  • progress on monitoring - ACCRE
    • update Jason's doc?
  • America View - what needs to be done? (PR)
    • what other sites might want depots?
  • DLT
    • packaging machine (was going to move one of the blackhole depots)

Notes from last weeks meeting:

  • Monitoring
    • Nagios: Matt has started writing scripts. (He and Jason worked some on this this past week)
    • SFASU and SDSC blank on snmp. Jason is trying to track this down. SDSC changed routers. Mat emailed them, they have not gotten back. SFASU is a similar issue, they moved their depots.
    • Matt will restart the master on the CERN depots, see if that helps. (Appears to have, monitoring is now working from CERN).
    • ACCRE will report next time on snmp integration and time window.
    • we need to update Jason's monitoring document with pictures of monitoring that we have in place...
  • Americaview - we need to contact PR about his "homework"
  • DLT
    • Alan needs Hunters integration stuff in a couple of weeks. Paul will notify Hunter.
    • Alan will be ready to start the packaging of depot by early Feb.
    • we decided to move one of the blackhole depots and repurpose it to use as a machine to do the packaging for DLT. Use it to begin trying to package things up, even if old code.
    • Stephen/Chris at UTK will take the lead on insuring that DLT gets packaged up. Mainly just staying on this, not asking to do all the work. Ezra, Hunter, Jason, ACCRE, Andrew will help.