Jan 20, 2010

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REDDnet Collaboration Meeting


  • Jan 20, 2010 -- 16:00ET/15:00CT/13:00PT
  • (877) 416-7592
  • Code: 9171592


  • Alan, Mat, Santi, Swathi and Bobby (ACCRE)
  • Micah, Terry, Chris, Stephen (UTK)
  • Dan and Paul (Vanderbilt)
  • Ezra and Martin (Delaware)
  • Jim (ORNL)
  • PR (SFASU)
  • Jason (I2)


  • Monitoring
    • Follow up on Nagios monitoring (Jason/Matt)
    • Task list and time estimate to integrate snmp into ACCRE aggregate plots
    • ditto for Time Window selection (ACCRE)
    • status of routing issue with cern depots (Matt)
  • Depot roadmap (Alan and Paul)
    • New proposed hardware: use 2U chassis with 12 2-TB drives as a base unit. 10 Gbs NIC.
    • A site would have 2-3 of these chassis. (48-72 TB per site).
    • No need for separate networked KVM's, etc.
    • Cost: $5-6K per chassis
    • Given remaining funds, which we will discuss, we believe we could deploy 12-16 more sites.
    • We will update all of this at the meeting, numbers are subject to some change.
  • Americaview (PR)
    • Need DLT by April 1 (earlier if possible). Is this still correct?
    • what do we need to do? other sites in addition to Wisconsin?
  • DLT
    • discuss the schema Hunter sent around.
    • Hunter believes he can get service registration integration to Alan by the time he needs it. We shoudl discuss this timing.
    • Packaging. Need people to work on this. Jason would like to start ASAP, March is bad for him. could "packagers" start with old code just to get things rolling?
    • timeline!