Jan 18, 2008

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  • Jan 18, 2008 -- 11:00ET/10:00CT/8:00PT
  • Call 510-665-5437
  • Meeting ID is 7333


  • Santi, Alan, Larry, Bobby (Vanderbilt ACCRE)
  • Terry, Micah, Chris (UTK)
  • Paul and Dan (Vanderbilt)
  • PR and Diane (SFASU)


Status Report on Production REDDnet Deployment

  • Update on hardware issue (new hardware) - Alan
  • Update on deployment plan - what and when - Bobby
  • Testing update - Paul

TSSP Discussion

Two topics suggesting by Hunter, who is having technical difficulties and may not make it

  • Fault Tolerance: when should TSSP give up on a transaction?
  • Security: what services/resources need to support authentication

if there is time...??? (Items in no particular order)

  • EXNODE specification - Dan
  • checksums - Micah