Jan 13, 2010

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REDDnet Collaboration Meeting


  • Jan 13, 2010 -- 16:00ET/15:00CT/13:00PT
  • (877) 416-7592
  • Code: 9171592


  • Alan, Mat, Santi, Swathi and Bobby (ACCRE)
  • Micah, Terry, Chris, Stephen (UTK)
  • Dan and Paul (Vanderbilt)
  • Ezra and Martin (Delaware)
  • Jim (ORNL)
  • PR (SFASU)
  • Jason (I2)


  • Monitoring (if possible, discuss this when Jason is available)
    • We need to add a description of the tools ACCRE developed for presenting the results of this monitoring. I would like to see these tools used to make better monitoring plots of SNMP data, for example...
  • DLT
    • Where are we? Here are my notes from our last meeting:

ToDo's for UNIS/Storecore integration: (1) Hunter will send out the database schema for storecore this week. (2) Martin and others will look at it, plot a strategy for UNIS integration. (3) Alan will modify the depot to register itself with UNIS, using as a guide the perl script for this purpose that comes with UNIS. (get help as needed from Delaware and Jason?) (4) Delaware of Jason will modify UNIS (a perl script again?) to allow StoreCore to register itself (5) Hunter needs a week to get Storecore registration with UNIS working. (6) Alan wants to take this opportunity to fix his glib dependency. thinks this will take a week of work. (7) have to implement resource ID change (see below).

ToDo's for Resource ID change to use UUID: (1) depot code (Alan) - believes this is a one day fix (2) LoDN (Chris) - two days to fix, he has been anticipating this (3) lors tools and ibp client (Chris) - estimate is two days. might give this a week just to make sure (4) l-store (Alan, Santi?) - they have been anticipating - two days?

based on this, seems like this is something we could do mid to late January, but we obviously need to work up a plan to test and then release this?

could we implement it on the test depots at Vanderbilt, then people could test their changes (items 2-4 above) against that.

  • iRODS discussion (Alan, Santi,...)
  • LSST - need to put new nodes where? (Alan)