February 1, 2007

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REDDnet Steering Committee Meeting


  • Blondin (NCState)
  • Beck, Moore (UTK)
  • Sheldon, Stewart, Tackett (VU)
  • Blackwell (SFA)
  • Cavanaugh (Florida)
  • Swany (UDel/CERN)

Current Agenda

  1. MOU w/ Nevoa Networks (Terry Moore leads)
  2. Library of Congress Grant (Terry)
  3. Quick report on goings on at San Diego NDIPP conference (Alan)
  4. Status report of TexasView AmericaView (PR)
  5. Quick report on plans for deployment/status of L-Store (Alan)
  6. L-Store at UTK (Terry)


Nevoa Networks

Nevoa Networks is a private company started by Hunter Hagewood, located in Brazil. They are writing software that is very useful for us, the issue is what will its availability be for REDDnet since it is commercial?

Our arrangement is currently that the software will be free for use since ACCRE is paying for development costs currently. The only catch is that we are not completely sure who is a member of REDDnet. We will need to continue to visit this.

What is being provided? A GUI interface, primarily for Windows but also works on Unix and Mac. Longer term, a CIFS interface so it can look like a locally attached drive. Secondly, software that will allow a large depot to be divided into logical units.

Library of Congress Grant

NDIPP (National Digital Information Partners or something like that). UTK has been working with UCSB on a geospatial project. LoC is going to fund UTK and Vandy for further development of LN and L-Store and REDDnet.

Deployment Status

Hardware deployment - looks like it will be May for US deployment.

L-Store status - still working on deletes. done this week. then start working on "depot to depot copies", done next week plus some authentication/authorization (week after that).

Blondin: continually producing data, so no specific event they are pushing for. Need to get data to UC Davis. Alan points out there is a depot at Caltech that is about 3 TB. Recomendation: have John contact Bobby, maybe they can make this work quickly.

Cavanaugh: Paul will talk to Avery next week about deployment in Florida/CMS.

Moore: how do we deploy? Might we change our model? One possibility would be to deploy racks partially filled at some places with the idea that the local users might add more themselves? Allow us to get more depots in more places, which would be really good, and leverage our resources.

Would TSI have interest in this "matching" type option? Johns says it would be worth pursuing? Face to face meeting with Tony M., John, Paul, Alan, Terry, Micah?

Phoebe: will look into possibility of getting LBNL involved in such an arrangement. also, Paul will push Vandy ITS for local deployment, which is bogged down in beaurocratic issues.

PR Report on Experiences Trying to Deploy

Have been playing around with uploads and downloads. Not getting throughput, ACCRE needs to get back to him on this. There is a demo they are trying to get ready for on March 6 for the AmericaView membership at USGS headquarters.


  • Vanderbilt needs to start a storecore for REDDnet
  • PR should do his demo for this group, maybe as practice for USGS? (Don't want to add to PR's burden, however).