Dec 21, 2007

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  • Dec 21, 2007 -- 10:00ET/9:00CT/7:00PT
  • Call 510-665-5437
  • Meeting ID is 7333

Attending ???

  • Dan Engh and Paul Sheldon (Vanderbilt Physics)
  • PR Blackwell and Diana Gunter (SFASU)
  • Larry Dawson, Alan Tackett, Bobby Brown, and Santi de Ledesma (Vanderbilt ACCRE)
  • Micah Beck and Terry Moore (Tennessee)
  • Hunter Hagewood (Nevoa)



Proposed All Hands Meeting

  • Need to set a date - proposed date is Friday, Feb 1
  • this goal of this meeting would be a review of the management plans currently being developed by the working group leaders.
  • some travel funds are available for participants from outside of Tennessee

AmericaView Demo???

  • want to nail down the decision making process for this.
  • what do we need to accomplish, by when, so that PR can decide if he wants to do a demo?