Dec 16, 2009

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REDDnet Collaboration Meeting


  • Dec 16, 2009 -- 16:00ET/15:00CT/13:00PT
  • (877) 416-7592
  • Code: 9171592


  • Alan, Mat, Santi and Swathi (ACCRE)
  • Micah, Terry, Chris, Stephen (UTK)
  • Dan and Paul (Vanderbilt)
  • Martin (Delaware)
  • John, Jim (ORNL)
  • Hunter, Ezra (Nevoa)
  • Guy (Texas A&M)


  • Monitoring
  (a) Matt needs to get together with Jason when he is back from
      vacation (which may be Jan 1?) and find out what needs to be
      done for him to take over support and maintence of BWCTL and
      OWAMP Mesh
  (b) Ditto for finding out about SNMP switch monitoring that Jason
      set up.  we would like to move this to our cacti monitoring
      if possible, then build displays similar to disk I/O plots
      that ACCRE set up
  (c) Bobby will investigate modifying his status plot to use this
      info and display it "at a glance."  also add feature to click
      on a node and see plots for that node.
  (d) we still need to understand what to do about all the Red
      on the BWCTL plot.  What can/should we be doing?
  • UCSB depots
  • DLT
  (a) Martin will get some folks together to discuss what needs
      to be done to get UNIS integrated with StoreCore and our
      depot.  Hopefully we can do this without Jason.
      Idea is to hammer out a work plan for a phase 1 release.
  (b) need to get Hunter on next call, find out his schedule
      and what work needs to be done for phase 1
  (c) Delaware and Alan need to interface on depot/UNIS integration.
  (d) For now we think we will use a UUID based resource ID
  • iRods
  • LoDN 1.5 and CMS status