Apr 25, 2008

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REDDnet Collaboration Meeting


  • Apr 25, 2008 -- 11:00ET/10:00CT/8:00PT
  • Call 510-665-5437
  • Meeting ID is 7333


  • Santi, Alan (Vanderbilt ACCRE)
  • Paul (Vanderbilt)
  • John (ORNL)
  • Micah, Terry, Harrold and Chris (UTK)
  • Martin (UDel)
  • Hunter (Nevoa)


  • Status of Tests?
    • LoC recursive augments, etc.
      • Santi to try a recursive augment of UCSB data
    • Depot tests (Dan/Alan)
      • what happens when depot fills up? does it handle this situation.
      • Alan has done internal testing, seems to work fine
      • Dan will try to start his tests today
    • Full REDDnet LoCI Warmer tests (Chris, Harrold)
      • will engage with Blondin and get him started
      • will start with a Terabyte first, then go to the full 10 TB
      • Chris tests had to do with py-ibp software he was writing to test pre-production REDDnet warming, etc.
      • have a wiki page for tests [[1]]
    • interoperability testing of exnodes...
  • Setting up mail lists for communication (Terry, Paul)
    • Need an LN-devel list for common items such as the depot, exnode, file directories, ...
  • Phoebus/REDDnet integration? (Martin)
  • Exnode specification (Hunter)
    • idea is to continue with e-mail discussion for now, hold off on discussion until better fleshed out.