Action Plans from December REDDnet Meeting

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At the December REDDnet collaboration meeting, we discussed action plans for getting each application domain up and using REDDnet.


  • This group needs access to documentation. API documentation is available on the L-Store web site
  • They want to setup a server and depots. They will contact ACCRE staff to get help doing this.
  • Eventually they want some hardware. They are next on the list after Oak Ridge.

Pheobe Stewart

  • needs some further code development from Chris Sellers of UTK (working on optimization of libxio?)
  • Pheobe needs to finish learning how to compile her code so that it uses libxio.
  • she needs some depots to write to.


  • Avery plan: Paul would like to try to set up a "Florida Depot System" on the FLR at FSU, UF, FUI and FIT. He will talk to his CS colleage at UF, he would want a person to be in charge of testing and evaluating such a setup. The institutions involved would use their own money to purchase the hardware.
  • Engh continues to make progress, can now run CMSSW and access L-Store files directly.
  • PDS needs to write up a plan of action to get an L-Store depot on the OSG.