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Scheduled Talks and Demonstrations

Demonstration Abstracts

L-Store: Storage Virtualization for the Open Science Grid

Alan Tackett, Vanderbilt University/ACCRE

Nevoa Storage System: Managing scalable storage virtualization infrastructure

Hunter Hagewood, Nevoa Networks

How to create a multi-user, wide area facility for data intensive visualization

Jian Huang, University to Tennessee

Contrary to conventional wisdom, Dr. Huang's work shows that a distributed collection of heterogeneous computing resources can be used effectively to create a scalable infrastructure for high performance, data intensive visualization. In this demonstration, he will show how a large scale visualization of cutting edge simulation datasets can be shared among multiple, distributed users working on the same pool of distributed resources. The demonstration will use IBP depots, equipped with Dr. Huang's Visualization Cookbook Library, at the ACCRE booth, at other booths on the SC06 show floor and on REDDnet's wide area infrastructure. As shown, good performance can be attained with only a standard Internet connection and in spite of the presence of several other simultaneous users.

Computing resources used in demonstrations

  • Vanderbilt/ACCRE Booth

  • Collaborating booths at SC06

  • REDDnet nodes, national and international