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Document Database

System Status

Collaboration Members

Steering Committee

  • Members: Martin Swany (Delaware), Rick Cavanaugh (Florida), Shawn McKee (Michigan), John Blondin (NCState), Hunter Hagewood (Nevoa), P. R. Blackwell (Stephen F. Austin), Micah Beck, Terry Moore (Tennessee), Paul Sheldon [Chair], Pheobe Stewart, Alan Tackett (VU)
  • Meeting notes are available on the REDDnet Meetings and Minutes Page

Software Development and Support Working Group

  • WG Members: Alan Tackett (Level 2 Manager), Micah Beck, Chip Cox, Larry Dawson, Santiago de Ledesma, Hunter Hagewood, Surya Pathak
  • Activities -- workplan, results,...
  • Release Schedule -- anticipated schedule of releases and functionality of each release

Deployment and Monitoring Working Group

Application Integration Working Group

Meetings and Minutes


Collaboration Meetings


  • SC06 Tampa, FL Nov. 11-18, 2006
  • SC07 Reno, NV Nov. 10-17 2007

Future (including those under consideration)

  • NDIIPP partners meeting --- January ?? 2007
    • NDIIPP: The National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program
    • Demo and Presentation --- Alan Tackett
  • CMS Week -- February 26 - March 2, 2007 at CERN.
    • Dan should present work on L-Store integration into CMS software
    • which sessions? need to find out
    • need to lay groundwork to get the talk on the agenda
  • OSG Consortium Meeting --- March 5-8, 2007 at UC San Diego
    • Demo
    • Sheldon will be attending, others should as well!
    • need to work on integration into OSG before this meeting
  • AmericaView Annual Winter Meeting-- March 5

To Do's

A list of REDDnet To Do's