REDDnet Tools and Applications Meeting Spring 2007

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Agenda:Internet2/REDDnet side meeting (Tuesday, Apr. 24, 6:30-9:30p, Salon D/E)

(Note: beverages will be served, but not food; have dinner before coming) Possible Agenda Items

  • Presentations from International LN community
    • Czech LN effort (Lukas Hejtmanek, Ludek Matyska)
    • Nevoa Network software (Hunter Hagewood, via teleconference)
  • Integration with HP networking
    • UltraLight
    • Phoebus
  • Developing REDDnet user scenarios
  • Discussion of provisioning plan, i.e. shared ownership of node resources with collaborators
  • Strawman proposal for REDDnet rollout
  • REDDnet configuration, e.g. permanent vs. working storage
  • Protocol interoperability for directory service -- possible protocols -- Should we have web service for “exnode://….”?
  • REDDnet virtual community

Notes from the meeting (courtesy of Bobby Brown, with a few edits by Terry Moore)

IBP Deployment in Czech Republic

  • DiDaS and PADS storage project based on IBP with L-Bone
  • Video processing and distributed encoding
  • Implemented security extensions to IBP
  • Uses X.509 Certificates to authenticate with depot(s)
  • Authorization handled individually
  • Developed metadata manager
  • P-Grid: distributed search tree
  • Local or network caching
  • Challenges
    • Maximize upload/download efficiency (limitation is physical memory)
    • e2e conditioning not implemented
  • Goals
    • Servers and clients implemented in Java
    • Integration into grid environment

Nevoa Networks - Hunter Hagewood

  • Nevoa Explorer
    • Client interface
    • Native file manager or FUSE
    • Using L-Store API (WebDAV interface)
  • Prototype native Windows driver
  • StorCore
    • Management interface
    • Multi-resource support
    • Integrated with L-Store
  • StorPort (alpha release)
    • IBP server in Java

EDDnet Provisioning Discussion

  • Partner peering contributions - How to best provision REDDnet hardware; basic upshot of discussion was that we would deploy more notes, not fully provisioned with storage.
  • Deploy a few partially populated racks to core institutions (To begin Summer 2007)
  • Varying size deployments to highly interested users
  • What kind of agreement is needed with partnered sites? One thing agreed on was that there would be no requirement that the partners "contribute" their own storage to REDDnet.
  • Management of time based allocations