LStore-SRM Interface Development

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Project Goal

This project is trying to provide a transparent access into a L-Store system to a srm user. The final release version of the server would support LBNL's v2.1 server (and above)and client specs.

Current Status as of June 13th 2006

  • Proof of Concept for uploads and Downloads have been completed. A user can use the LBNL srm client to connect to the srm server being hosted at and transfer files in and out transparently, without realizing that there is a L-Store system in the backend.

Work to be done

  • Development of server functionality using LStore API (~1 week)
  • Implementing correct semantics of srm transfers (~1.5 weeks)
  • Implementing ls, mkdir and stat (~2 weeks)
  • Testing on distributed machines (different server and client) (~1 week)
  • Feature testing (~3 weeks)

Thus total time for a releasable version stands at 8.5 weeks. Realisticaly we are looking at third week of september for an alpha release.