July 14, 2006

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  • Blackwell (SFA)
  • Hagewood (Nevoa)
  • Beck, Moore (UTK)
  • Brown, de Ledesma, Pathak, Sheldon, Tackett (VU)

Current Agenda

Application Communities:

HEP, Microscopy, Geospatial/Remote Sensing, PSI

  • Phone call with Rebecca Dodge of America View (Terry)
    • Arranging to have a phone call with their board of directors in early August.
    • Many America View people will be at a big meeting in San Diego in early August. Get together with their community there?
    • What is required for them to get started?
    • GloVis -- their application -- they have done some work to make that work with LN
  • Further news on engagement with Ultralight (Harvey, et al)
    • Add Shawn McKee (from ATLAS) to redDnet SC? Maybe someone from CMS? In order to engage Ultralight and ATLAS/CMS as another application community.
    • Fairly intrusive software - they want us to install a MonaLisa client on all slave nodes in ACCRE. This is a concern for us.

Technology: Hardware, Software

  • Brief discussion of GloViz interface to Satellite data. Integration issues? (PR)
    • In the interest of time, we will discuss this next week.

Deployment and Operations

  • Testing news (Surya)? Deployment news (Bobby)?
    • Networking is an issue now. Have Martin engage the Ultralight people?
    • Depots overloaded, running out of steam? Don't yet understand source of the problem...
  • Response from e-mail to the FNAL folks?
    • Paul will call Tschirhart today, set up a meeting Monday. Will also try Don Petravick and Vicki White.
    • We need our depots connected to the Ultralight network, not the public network.

Organization and Funding Opportunities

  • Formation of Steering Committee
    • Trying to schedule a meeting for early August.
  • SBIR potential
    • Put off until next time.

Events, Education, Outreach

  • State of the press release
  • Value and potential scheduling for a REDDnet All Hands meeting
    • When? September at the earliest... Travel schedule is going to be interesting. Terry suggests December? This gives people as much time as possible to have some results? Gives us time to have our tools and story together so they can start using it easily. Host at Nashville. Put in a grant for a workshop with NSF.
  • NDIIPP partners meeting at the Library of Congress next week (Terry)
    • Any progress with the VTNA?
    • Paul still needs to walk into their offices here. Added to action items below.
  • OSG Consortium Meeting, Aug. 21-23, Seattle (UW)
  • Review of the agenda for trip to Sao Paulo. (Hunter) Goal: Figure out what kind of presentations/demonstrations/written materials we'll need so that we can start getting them ready.
    • Weds morning is walking tour. Afternoon is time for presentations to institutional VIPs. Paul and Terry: what is potential for international collabs, funding, etc.
    • Thurs is working group meetings. Infrastructure integration, how to get user communities involved.
    • Schedule with Sergio? (Thurs)

Action Items

  • Paul respond to Harvey, suggest Shawn join redDnet SC?
  • Paul call Tschirhart, set up meeting on Monday. Will also try to reach Don Petravick, Vicki White.
  • Martin engage the Ultralight people on networking issues?
  • Paul engage VTNA people.
  • Hunter update the agenda for Brazil meeting on our wiki.