July 14, 2006

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Current Agenda

Application Communities:

HEP, Microscopy, Geospatial/Remote Sensing, PSI

  • Phone call with Rebecca Dodge of America View (Terry)
  • Further news on engagement with Ultralight (Harvey, et al)

Technology: Hardware, Software

  • Brief discussion of GloViz interface to Satellite data. Integration issues? (PR)

Deployment and Operations

Testing news (Surya)? Deployment news (Bobby)? Response from e-mail to the FNAL folks?

Organization and Funding Opportunities

  • Formation of Steering Committee
  • SBIR potential

Events, Education, Outreach

  • State of the press release
  • Value and potential scheduling for a REDDnet All Hands meeting
  • NDIIPP partners meeting at the Library of Congress next week (Terry)
    • Any progress with the VTNA?
  • OSG Consortium Meeting, Aug. 21-23, Seattle (UW)
  • Review of the agenda for trip to Sao Paulo. (Hunter) Goal: Figure out what kind of presentations/demonstrations/written materials we'll need so that we can start getting them ready.
    • Schedule with Sergio?