Feb. 23, 2007

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  • Time: 10:30EST/9:30CST/7:30PST
  • Conference #:510-665-5437 Meeting ID:7333


  • Larry Dawson, Santi de Ledesma, Bobby Brown, Alan Tackett, Paul Sheldon(?) (Vanderbilt)
  • Hunter Hagewood (Nevoa)
  • Terry Moore, Chris Sellers (UTK)
  • P.R. Blackwell, Diana Gunter (SFAU)
  • Martin Swany (UDel)
  •  ?

Agenda for today's call

We have a pretty focused agenda for today's call, namely, status list and ToDo's for the upcoming meetings and demos we may have at the beginning of March. Also there's some news about our recent visit to Fermi and the upcoming Internet2 meeting. Details are as follows:

  • Demo for AmericaView/USGS (Washington, DC; March 6-7; Terry and PR atteding) : Software and operational issues
  • Preparation for the OSG All Hands meeting - San Diego; March 5-8; Paul, Dan, Bobby, Kevin
  • News update
    • Meeting with REDDnet contingent (Paul, Dan, Micah, and Terry) with CMS folks (Lothar, Ian) at Fermi
    • Spring Internet2 meeting