Apr 30, 2009

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REDDnet Collaboration Meeting


  • April 30, 2009 -- 15:00ET/14:00CT/12:00PT
  • to attend the web and audio conference (recommended), click here: https://edial.internet2.edu/call/0125784
    • If you only want to participate in the audio conference, you may dial in with the following numbers:
    • Call: +1-734-615-7474 (PSTN CALL-OUT DOES NOT WORK) or +1-866-411-0013 (toll free US/Canada Only)
    • Enter access code: 0125784


  • Alan, Bobby(???), Mat, and Santi (ACCRE)
  • --- Jim and John (ORNL)
  • Chris, Micah, Terry (UTK)
  • Paul and Dan (Vanderbilt)
  • --- PR (SFASU)


  • Phoebus testing
    • Depot 3 at CERN
    • CERN iperf assymetries
    • more depots at Vanderbilt... try to push aggregate I/O rates higher?
    • Phoebus box at SoX appears to be up and running with a 10g connection?
    • what are our plans for continuing this? what are immediate issues we need to resolve?
    • Abstract to IEEE meeting?
  • Storecore update
  • REDDnet map
  • June 1 REDDnet meeting
    • General business (half day)
    • TeraGrid Tutorial preparation (half day)
  • I2 Network Peformance Monitoring Tutorial at Vanderbilt (??)
    • If it happens, any interest in attending?
    • would it help to compbine it with June 1 REDDnet meeting?
  • OSG Storage Meeting
  • Dan's visit to Caltech?